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When you are living in addiction, it can feel like you are the only one that understands what you are going through. While your situation may be unique, the life of addiction is not. Garden City Drug Rehab Centers is an advisory service that is free for those who call in seeking information about treatment programs in the area. Call us today at (507) 322-4169 to learn more about what your treatment options are. Our advisory service is free, and because of this, we may receive compensation from sponsored listings. We will match you with a treatment program in our vast network of affiliates once you make a call to Garden City Drug Rehab Centers.

We do not provide rehabilitation treatment. Our job is to help addicts find the rehabilitation treatment they need. When you are in the midst of addiction, it can be hard to determine which program is the right choice. We take the time to listen. We hear what you are going through. Once we complete an intake, we will find a treatment program in the area to meet your needs. We want you to get the addiction treatment you deserve.

When you call our referral service at (507) 322-4169, an advisor will ask you a number of questions about you and your addiction. You'll talk about treatment choices, your current insurance plan, and if you are able to pay for private services or not. While all programs offer excellent treatment, some people prefer a private program and pay for this service out of their own pocket.

You are the one who has to make the decision to call. Even if your friends or family members are begging you to take a step forward to get help, it is up to you to take control. The addiction advisors are waiting to hear from you. When you call us, you are making a bold step at knocking your addiction down and living a better life.

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How Garden City Drug Rehab Centers Can Help

Addiction is not your fault. You didn't plan on becoming an addict. Addiction is a physical and emotional disease that gets worse the longer you abuse substances. You aren't weak for needing help. In fact, those that reach out for help are usually the strongest people. It takes guts to make a call and admit you are struggling with addiction. Call today to learn more about options for addiction treatment in Garden City as well as the surrounding areas.

Your life is important. The longer you wait for help, the more damage you are doing to your body and mind. The physical effects of substance abuse can be permanent. The longer you abuse drugs or alcohol, the higher your chance becomes of overdosing or having health complications.

Your family and friends need you. They can see you struggling, even if you don't think they know about your addiction. Help is there, but you have to call us today to begin the process of recovery. Stop waiting and take your life back into your own hands.

Garden City Drug Rehab Centers is Here for you

You can heal from your addiction. We know you can. With the help of professionals in the addiction treatment industry, you will learn step by step how addiction can be fought head-on. You have the power to control your destiny and to stop living the crazy life of addiction. Call today at (507) 322-4169 to speak with a professional advisor about addiction and your treatment needs.

If you need an alcohol or drug rehab in Garden City or surrounding cities, we know what's in the local area and we will help you get into one of the treatment centers that are in our vast network of affiliates.

It's time to call Garden City Drug Rehab Centers. When you feel yourself continuing to slip down the path of addiction, it's time to call. When you know that there is a better, brighter future out there for you but you don't know the way to that future, pick up the phone and call (507) 322-4169.

Upcoming Garden City AA & NA Meetings:

Meeting Day & Time Location
AA Saturday Night Candlelight AA Meeting Sat, 11:00 PM Bloomington Alano 2062 W 98th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55431
NA First Lutheran Church Tue, 7:00 PM When at the End of the Road Group 301 West Clark, Albert Lea, MN 56007
AA Women's Group Tue, 5:30 PM Lutes Travel downstairs 112 Marshall St, Mankato, MN 56001
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